Artphilein Library

Over decades of research and selection, with particular attention to the contemporary sphere, initially Caterina and Gianfranco De Pietri and then (post-2006) the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation put together a vast collection of books both of and about photography. In the context of this genre, special attention is paid to artists’ photobooks and independent publishing projects.

Ever since its creation, De Pietri Artphilein Foundation has promoted initiatives to present parts of its collections and make them accessible to the public. The Foundation thus dedicated the Artphilein Library to its collection of books of and about photography: a specialist library in Lugano (Switzerland), which opened its doors in October 2019.

Artphilein Library intends to evolve and develop through participation and sharing, in order to promote an awareness of and a passion for photography and photobooks. Library users and members of the public thus be offered proposals for encounters and opportunities for reflection. In the meantime, the Foundation continues to expand the book collection of the Artphilein Library.

In its venue, Artphilein Library frequently presents a selection of works focusing on a given theme, accompanied by an information sheet. Visitors may analyse and compare various books by different artists on a specific theme, allowing them to investigate various possible photographic approaches as well as appreciating the expressive plurality of the photobook medium.

In this section, an outline of the books on show is given: a brief presentation completed with information, images, details as well as any comments of yours, which we would be delighted to publish.

Artphilein Library is located in Lugano, via Pelli 13 - 1st floor

Opening hours: Thursday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday by appointment (write to:

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