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The exhibition A Storyline of Oil and Gas is dedicated to the photo-books on oil and gas from the collection of the Artphilein Library, which is part of a multi-year research and collection of photobooks on the exploitation of natural resources.

Oil and gas have shaped the history of the 20th century and have a profound impact on our present and future. They are the cause of socio-political tensions, wars, environmental disasters, and pose an uncontrollable threat to the safety of people and the environment.

In recent years, awareness of the risks associated with the extraction, transportation, refining, and processing of these two natural resources has increased. This has resulted in an inconsistent political and social will to end our dependence. We have not yet entered the historical phase of “after,” of definitive renunciation of any industrial and domestic use of products derived from oil and gas, but at least we are beginning to consume less.

The books on display, the photographs by Davide Monteleone and Delio Jasse, and the publication of Artphilein Dossier nr. 3 invite reflection on these issues from different perspectives and approaches.

The books can be consulted in the exhibition, accompanied by brief abstracts, or online at