Mirko Baselgia, "Aleph - Fier Bugliaint"

Catalogue of Mirko Baselgia's exhibition at Choisi - one at a time, Lugano, May 25th - July 11th, 2014.

The exhibition would like to focus on one of the artist's most audacious and important intuitions: Aleph - Fier Bugliaint.
The work expresses the foundations of Baselgia's artistic research and demonstrates, in an exemplary fashion, his technique and the sum of his aesthetic; both are based on Verdichtung, specifically, his inclination towards the condensation and compression of ideas and perceptions.

Caterina De Pietri, Larissa Galler, Markus Wild
"Mirko Baselgia. Aleph - Fier Bugliaint"
Languages: English, German, Italian
Edition of 500
2014, pp. 56
IBSN 978-3-9524154-4-3

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